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Sew crazy

I have been trying my hand at sewing for the last 6 months.  My mom sewed for us growing up and when I found out I was having a little girl, I have to admit, I was pretty excited to be able to do the same.  So thanks again mom, for showing me how to and providing me with the tools to sew. 

As I began sewing for Issy I tried to start out easy…  I found this little dress pattern from leila & Ben, on Etsy of course (and if you have never heard of Etsy, then shame on you… stop reading this post and go check out this amazing marketplace for handmade items, vintage everything and other art/craft supplies…  you can thank me later).  It really is the easiest dress pattern EVER!  And it always turns out sooooo cute.  I have already made 4 of these dresses, 3 of which she now wears as tops over shorts or pants.  It’s the dress that keeps on giving as she grows.

The next project was really more to help JW than Issy, but she needed new pj’s.  JW hates the snap pj’s… I mean really hates them… As of now he is boycotting all snap pjs.  His hands are too big, the snaps too small and Issy really hates the time it takes to get them snapped.  So I went looking for more sleep gowns since she was growing out of the 6 month ones…  the problem was I couldn’t find any and the ones I did find were like $30… for pjs… um no… can’t do it.  So I found this super simple McCalls pattern and whipped up a few pjs.  She loves them!

So now that we are headed into fall, I wanted to make a cute long sleeve dress for the season. I was perusing Etsy, again… as I often do, and came across this very cool dress pattern from Mama StellatoThe Charlotte Dress!  I snagged the pattern and then went on the hunt for fabric.  I headed over to Fabricworm.com because they always have mouth-watering, jaw dropping prints that I fawn over, but never get to use.  So I found this awesome print from Sarah Jane’s Children at Play series. LOVE.

Well here is the finished product.  I think it turned out pretty well! 

For the next project… it’s my turn… I’ll let you know…

Happy Sewing, Kristin

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